Retreats as a regular practice

After dinner walk at Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre in Hastings, Ontario

Several years ago, I attended my first yoga retreat with my friend, Kellie.  I loved everything about it: attending yoga classes; eating tasty and nutritious meals; spending time with a dear friend; meeting friendly and interesting people; relaxing in a hammock, by a fire or in a sauna; reading, walking and even napping!!!   For me, it was a blissful break from parenting and full-time employment.

Since then, I’ve made it a regular practice to go on retreat, having learned the hard way that to be an effective parent, spouse, friend and employee, I need to care for myself first. I have come to understand that there is nothing selfish about this.  After all, every plane safety talk includes a reminder to adults to place the oxygen mask on themselves first, before assisting children or others in need of support!

Today Kellie is a popular yoga teacher and the owner of the AwareYoga studio in Stirling, Ontario.  I’m thrilled to regularly offer reiki sessions, workshops and courses at them. See upcoming retreats for details.