Socials & Shares

Check the calendar for upcoming events and be sure to RSVP to secure a space. 

What’s a reiki social?

A reiki social is an opportunity to share reiki stories and questions with our growing reiki community.  There is always at least one Reiki Master Teacher present.  We currently meet online, and hope to resume in-person events in Thornhill / Markham when we can.

Reiki practitioners and non-practitioners are welcome to join these free events.  

What’s a reiki share?

A reiki share is an opportunity for reiki practitioners of all levels and lineages to practice giving self, spot, chair, table or distance reiki.  Don’t worry if:

You can’t remember what to do…
We review techniques at shares (and often introduce new ones, too!).

You haven’t practiced reiki very much or for a long time…
Joining a share is a great way to refresh and renew your practice.  

You don’t think you’re a “natural” and you think you’ve got to be a “natural” in order to be effective…
Anyone can be an effective practitioner but like any skill, you’ve got to practice.  The more you practice reiki, the more effective your practice!

You haven’t studied with me…
I understand that you may not live near your teacher, s/he may not host regular shares, or you may want to expand your practice by learning about different approaches.  Everyone is welcome to practice with us!

Reiki practitioners of all levels and lineages welcome.  These shares are eligible for Canadian Reiki Association Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). A limited number of space may be available for non-practitioners considering registering in a reiki class with me.

$20 voluntary donation appreciated towards space rental.