Distance Reiki

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I am currently offering distance Reiki sessions, only, via Zoom or telephone.  To book an appointment, contact me.

I know distance reiki is hard to fathom: I felt the same way before experiencing it!   Yet my clients have been surprised and impressed, as their Google reviews show:

“In my first session with Kimeiko, by Distance Reiki, we communicated over speaker phone while I reclined on my bed, and she worked on a child-sized surrogate cloth doll. While she guided me through rhythmic breathing, she sensed my blocked areas–I was blocked from my solar plexus through my third eye—while using the doll to ground her work. I felt the opening of these chakras, and loved the overall relaxing feeling. I wanted to capture Kimeiko’s words. I’m fairly new to Reiki, and wanted to soak in everything she said. I was amazed at her ability to read and shift my energy.” – Sue Klassen

“Distance Reiki with Kimeiko has been life changing for me. All tension and pain in my lower back had seemingly gone away after the session! She was also able to sense and acknowledge internal issues I didn’t even realize I had! I would highly recommend a session with Kimeiko if you’re feeling down, sore, or even if you’re seeking further clarity in your life.” – Damien Marriott

What to expect:

During the session, you’ll sit or recline on a chair or bed, dressed in non-binding clothing.  Feel free to support yourself with pillows and cover yourself with a blanket.

At the arranged time, I’ll call you (Canadian phone numbers) or connect with you via Zoom.  First, we’ll go over your completed intake form and I’ll respond to any questions you may have.  We’ll discuss your general goals; comprehensive details aren’t necessary.


Next, I’ll ground and centre myself and connect to your energy.  To do this, I use a large doll on my massage table as your surrogate to focus on your energy, doing everything I do during an in-person table reiki session.

I’ll assess your energy and tell you where it is congested or moving well.  It is typical to find imbalance at the beginning of a session and we’ll discuss the implications.

Then, I’ll focus on clearing and balancing each area, sharing validating and encouraging intuitive insights as they arise. 

It is typical to feel grounded, peaceful, and even enlightened and inspired by the end of the session.

Energetic Assessment

In every session, I use a pendulum to show you where your energy is flowing well, blocked or disrupted.  Most people are amazed by how accurately I describe their physical and emotional wellness.  

To prepare to receive distance reiki, please:

  • complete the Reiki Client Information Form (1st session only) 
  • use the washroom
  • prepare your communications device with a speaker or earbuds so you can relax, hands-free
  • find a quiet place to sit or recline where you will not be interrupted
  • have a glass of water and kleenex available

All distance sessions are recorded and many clients enjoy listening to the relaxing and encouraging recording again and again.  You’ll receive the session recording upon receipt of payment.

You can experience my work by listening to a free distance reiki channeled meditation.  


Initial session:

  • $125 for 75 minutes – initial session
    (65 minutes of reiki + 10 minute debrief)

Follow-up session:

  • $100 for 60 minutes
    (50 minutes of reiki + 10 minute debrief)

Remote energy assessment:

  • $50 for 30 minutes
    Consider booking an assessment if you aren’t sure about committing to a full reiki session!  Watch the video below to find out how it works.