My Healing Journey


I am grateful to emotional pain for leading me to reiki.

A personal trauma had left me feeling trapped and victimized, overwhelmed by questions of why, why, why!?!  Anguished, I struggled to get out of bed and keep up with my personal and professional responsibilities.

Talking regularly with a counselor helped somewhat, but the pain persisted and I could feel my emotions trapped physically, as tightness in my throat and pain in my heart.

I coped as best as I could, unplugging socially, gardening and listening to podcasts on healing.  One podcast discussed the hands-on approach of reiki for releasing “issues in the tissues” – stored emotional and physical pain.

Willing to try anything, I searched for reiki practitioners in the Toronto area and found many, but the one who appealed to me most was Reiki Master Teacher Salima Pirani.

When I arrived for my first reiki treatment, Salima immediately made me comfortable, greeting me with a smile and a hug.  She guided me to her reiki room where I relaxed in the calm, inviting ambiance.

During the session, I was surprised when she identified my pain as anger!  I hadn’t yet acknowledged this on a conscious level but had to admit she was absolutely right! Very gently, she helped me acknowledge and release my toxic feelings.

Afterwards, I felt lighter, both physically and emotionally. Days and weeks later, I was surprised by how much freer I continued to feel.

The benefits I experienced in just one session encouraged me to take other family members to receive reiki, too.  Each had a unique experience and everyone found it surprising, interesting and helpful.

Meanwhile, although stronger and freer, I continued to experience painful flashbacks.  I decided to study reiki so I could manage these bouts and regularly treat myself, family and friends.

  • Reiki 1 heightened my awareness of physical sensations.  Early in my practice I had some remarkable experiences with physical releases and healing, as I was surprised to witness in a client who had received a concussion.
  • Reiki 2 developed my ability to sense and identify emotions and appreciate the relationship between emotions and physical health. It also strengthened my sense of connection with others: our stories may be different, but we all suffer and we all want to be happy.
  • After a year of study and regular practice, in August, 2015, I completed an intensive supervised Reiki 3 practicum.  Since completing that course, I have been able to sense etheric cords and unhealthy attachments which can be released.  I also receive healing images, messages and stories.

I never believed I could do any of this…. and I don’t.  Reiki does.  With regular mindful practice, I have simply developed my ability to observe and describe how a client is responding to reiki. These accounts can be illuminating, liberating and even life altering.

To this day, reiki continues to support me through challenges. Through my practice, I find it easier to let go of worry, judgement and anger; stay grounded and in the present; allow myself to be guided by compassion, understanding, love and forgiveness, and take responsibility for creating an abundant reality.

I truly believe anyone can learn to use reiki to promote the health and healing of themselves and others.

Curious?  Don’t take my word for it, experience reiki for yourself in an information session, full reiki session, reiki course or retreat.