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The following testimonials are from 2018 and earlier:

I have received several Reiki treatments from Kimeiko over the past couple of years. Kimeiko is a compassionate and highly skilled and intuitive Reiki practitioner. Each time I received a treatment, I was astounded by what Kimeiko was able to sense during the treatment. It is clear that Kimeiko is passionate about Reiki and its ability to heal. I always felt better after a treatment. I highly recommend Kimeiko as a Reiki practitioner.

Ping Deters, PhD
Holistic Feng Shui Specialist

I really enjoyed our session last week.  I have noticed that I have felt more calm, my anxiety symptoms have lessened quite a bit as well as an overall shift in my mood and I feel less angry and frustrated, which is all great.  I am still using the breathing exercise, mostly when I am driving to and from work, I find this very helpful esp with the weather and migraine/tension headaches.

Natasha, Whitby

I just wanted to thank you so much for offering your guidance and support to me yesterday. What you said was spot on and tremendously helpful for me. The pain that I was experiencing has been greatly reduced.  You have a remarkable gift!   Looking forward to more Reiki work / practice with you.   Thanks again, 

Jared, Reiki Student

I had no idea what to expect from the reiki treatment… Without telling Kimeiko anything about my emotional state or personal life, she managed to read my body and the flow of energy. I came out of the session feeling understood, heard, validated and lighter… I got off the table feeling lighter and like I had just awoken from a deep sleep. I loved the session and would do another in a heartbeat.

Sarah Burgess, Toronto, Ontario

I feel like I understand myself so much better after this treatment. I still cannot thank you enough!

Natasha Blackley, Reiki Student, Kingston, Ontario

You are really amazing. Your energy is beautiful and your commitment and dedication to Reiki and your path are inspiring! Thank you!

Alex McLeish-Deuters, Reiki Master / Teacher

Thank you Kimeiko – for the session and the links. I have a lot to think about and decisions to make about my way forward from this point.  Without a doubt, yesterday will be a watershed moment in my life. I am very grateful.

Vimmi, Thornhill, Ontario

You have a gift for the Reiki way, a gift that is manifest and hence something that need not be validated by a piece of paper. No doubt you are rightly proud of your learning and achievements but all we, your “patients” need do is be in your hands, and your gift will be apparent.  (Read Mark’s reiki story)  
In gratitude,

Mark Tearle, Photographer, Toronto

Just wanted to write you a note and thank you for my first reiki experience and the meditations. After the yoga retreat, I felt refreshed, lighter and more able to let things go. Much of that was because of my time with you! 

After the reiki treatment, I felt deeply relaxed and I’ve been surprised at how I’ve carried a strong sense of peace and mental clarity in the weeks after.

April Fong, Toronto, Ontario

For me, Reiki ws a totally new approach to self-discovery, but at my age, I am willing to try new experiences. My session with you was emotional for sure and I felt a calmness… even relief, afterwards.  Thank you for your sensitivity and gentle approach as you guided me through my Reiki experience.  Fondly, Maureen

Maureen Robertson, Belleville, Ontario

I want to say a big “thank you” for all the kindness, caring and understanding you have shown me.  I speak not only of your reiki treatments, which were certainly wonderful, but also of your whole way of being.  Your first friendly email put me right at ease.  You made me feel like a welcome guest every time I came.  You introduced me to resources that could help me further.  And you allowed me a glimpse into the amazing way you integrate the various aspects of your life with grace, intelligence and devotion.  I hope your cup will always run over with love, joy, health, abundance and all kinds of blessings.  Warmly, Fran

Fran Harendorf, North York, Ontario