The peddler, the bird & a magical gift

Often during reiki I receive healing images, messages and stories.  A session with Kellie Dearman, a Stirling yoga teacher and ladies’ wear store owner, included powerful images of a travelling peddler, a messenger bird, and a magical gift from a grandmother who had passed away decades earlier.

The first image was of Kellie in another life as a male peddler who traveled from town to town with all of his wares on his back.  The work was physically demanding and often lonely, but ultimately rewarding.  People were always happy when the peddler arrived, knowing he brought goods they wanted to buy as well as news they wanted to hear.

photo of travelling peddler sculpture
Travelling Peddler sculpture

Sure enough, physically demanding work, travel, and being a bearer of news/information and goods are all patterns in Kellie’s present life.  Although she has a yoga studio in her home, she travels to teach many of her classes in the neighbouring town of Belleville.  In addition, she frequently drives distances to facilitate yoga retreats and to restock and promote her store.

Kellie reflected, “I related very much to the image of the heavily burdened traveller, although I surprisingly did not find that image to be stressful to me, just a reality check. I found my reaction quite interesting, in that I just simply accept my “burden” as a part of my job/role in this life! And confirmation of that was actually very good. No matter how difficult the journey is, I am pretty ok with it, as long as I am of service.”

Next, at Kellie’s heart and solar plexus, I sensed sadness.  Knowing she had lost both a mother and brother earlier in the year, I assumed that feeling was grieving for them. However, checking in with herself, Kellie found, “I did not feel intense grief…. about my mother and brother, and as I suspected, I have actually come to peace with both their passings.”

photo of owl eyes
Messenger bird eyes

Yet still I sensed sadness.  The next image I received was a bright-eyed messenger bird.  At first, I thought the bird had arrived to take a message from Kellie to the loved ones who had passed, but Kellie was confident that she’d already said what she needed to say.

I then communicated an impression of Kellie as a little girl brimming with joy, but lonely.  She agreed the description was, “so bang on,” elaborating that, “as a child I was very happy, but also very introverted in some ways.”  Revisiting her younger self surfaced deep-seated grief about her grandmother.  She explained, “my grandmother was my best friend and ally, someone who loved me unconditionally and supported me in every way. Her fairly sudden illness and loss when I was 12 was completely devastating for me. I fell into a deep chasm and had no real way to deal with my grief. I just felt abandoned in so many ways.”

photo of a cup of pink
A drink of pink

Then I noticed that the bird had brought a special gift from Kellie’s grandmother.  It was a bottomless cup.  Receiving it, Kellie saw that it was filled with a warm, sweet, thick, pink liquid and she knew that she should drink it.

She took a sip and the liquid flowed straight to her heart, filling it with her grandmother’s love, radiating out to fill her whole body.  In fact, her body became so full that her entire being pulsed with the energy, so full, the surplus extended all around and beyond her being, pouring out her palms and soles of her feet.  It was beautiful!

Still holding the cup, and sated, Kellie said she was going to slip it into her pocket. We giggled as we pictured the cup flattening and softening, like a wineskin.  Kellie  knew she could carry it with her, always, and take a swig of the bottomless drink of pink whenever she needed.

A few days after receiving reiki, Kellie reported, “I went for a yoga class and had an experience during sivasana: as I lay resting, the light in front of my closed eyes turned deep, bright pink and I felt filled with love and joy!!! and sprung some tears 🙂 This feeling lasted at least several moments.”

scan of Grandma's Poem by Donna M. Bussey